The Process

1. We go on a Virtual Coffee Date

Or in my case, I’ll be sitting here with a cup of good old tea (maybe the occasional Butterbeer). Basically, we chat about your project and you tell me everything I need to know in order to give you my best support.

2. Brand Discovery

You fill out the Brand Discovery Worksheets and dive really deep into the core of your brand. This way, I have everything I need to design a brand/website that reflects all that you are.

3. Creative Direction

Obviously, I can’t do this completely without you. So before I dive into the details, we decide on the overall creative direction together to make sure we speak the same language.

4. Design Process

Here’s where I do what I do best and create the magical designs you came to me for. Phone in flight mode, e-mail program closed – I’m in the zone! During this stage, not even a dancing Hippogriff could disturb me. (Okay, maybe. But that’s about it.)

5. Revision Phase

Ooh, how I love it when I can finally show you what I’ve created. Now you get a full week to request any changes you might want. After all, our goal is to make it perfect for YOU.

6. Hand-Over

I basically hand over the keys to you new brand/website. You get a complete style guide for your brand and/or everything you need to know in order to work with your website independently in the future.

Here's how I can help

Brand Design

This is for you if…

  • you're about to launch your Business
  • you want a memorable brand
  • you're running in circles trying to DIY your brand

Website Design

This is for you if…

  • you're ready to expand your online presence
  • you want your own little corner of the internet
  • you want to get taken seriously

Brand + Website Design

This is for you if…

  • you're ready to go all-in
  • you want to spend less time on hard work and more time on heartwork
  • you want people to know that you mean business